Taxi- Mart Taxi Advertisers FAQ


Taxi- Mart Taxi Advertisers FAQ

Taxi-Mart Taxi- Mart Taxi Advertisers FAQ 1

Do you have any questions regarding advertising your taxi? We try to answer them here.

Q: How much does it cost to advertise my taxi?

A: The cost is £15.00 for 2 weeks, £30.00 for 6 weeks

Q: If my advertising period has run out and my cab hasn't sold can I re-advertise the cab?

A: Yes you can. You will get a renewal text and email. Compleete this and make the payment to extend your advert.

Q: Do I have to add photos?

A: No, but we have found that adverts with photos gain more views than adverts without photos.

Q: I am having trouble adding photos to my advert what can I do?

A: We have a tutorials page that you can try Photo Tutorial.

Q: What sort of information should I put in my advert?

A: We have found that the more detail you put in the advert the better, if you can take a bit of time, maybe your cab will sell a bit quicker!

Q: Can I phone you to place the advert??

A: Yes you can contact us here to place the advert although all manually placed adverts cost £30.00. The duration is  6 weeks.

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