Scam Alert


Scam Alert

Money Laundering Scams
It has come to our attention recently that some unscrupulous people have been using the Taxi-Mart website to "harvest" email addresses with the intent to defraud. Even though these reports are very few and far between we hope to stamp them out by keeping all of our advertisers informed. We do know however that not one of our customers has been caught out by, or lost any money as a result of these emails.

These "scammers" seem to mainly target vehicles of less than £2,500 in value. These scams always take the same form;

They always offer to buy the taxi without seeing it and they always ask for an amount to be added on to the sale price to cover shipping.

These emails are generally characterised by their poor English, bad punctuation and bad spelling. These emails are mostly of the same appearance but always use different names, they often use either a Hotmail or Yahoo account.

If in doubt please beware. If the deal seems too good to be true then it probably is!

If in doubt you can forward the email to us.

You can find more information from the London Metropolitan Police website.


Please see below for some examples of recent emails.

(Last updated 1st May 2006)

Example One:


I saw the advert of your CAR on (, please i will like you to give me this completed part of the details below concerning the CAR if and only if it is still available for sale...  

Age :- 

Pictures :-  

Asking Price :-    

Thanks, as i will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.    

Kind Regards, Ben Charisma.
Example Two:

I am intrested in purchasing your(2.7 Nissan Diesel) which price is £2,000.I have seen all the details of the car in the AD where you posted it and i am quite alright with the information about the car.Don't worry about the shippment i have a shipping agent that i have already awarded the shipping contract to that will carter for the shippment.I will also like you to that i have a client in a staate who is owing me £5,700. And he has promise to pay me with a certified bank cheque or bank draft and he will be sending the certified bank cheque or bank draft down to you on my behave,i want you Have it in mind that the remaining balance of the excess fund will be wire transfer via Western Union International Outlet to the shipping agent in West Africa (Nigeria) who is coming for the pick up.I'm compensating you £80 for the stress and inconveniences.If this mode of payment is accept by you i will like you to kindly forward me your Full name and address including your home,cell,work phone number in which you will receive a certified bank cheque drawn in U.K funds.


Best Regards..

Example Three:

  I am interested in buying your  Fairway Auto Taxi. Payment will be made out to you inform of  check,drawn from an U.K bank by a client of mine who is owing me £8,000.You will have to deduct your amount and send the rest to my shipper so he can come for the pick-up. Get back to me soonest with the following,so we can proceed with this transaction:

1)Name on check
2)Address check should be mailed to
3)Contact phone #
4)Last price on offer and pics if digital camera or scanner is available.
Example Four:

Hello ,
Thanks for your mail,I accept the offer of the Fairway{£3900 }i need to view the pic's if is ok with me.I have seek a discusion with my partner {Client} on how we will be sending you the payment of the {Fairway} , He will send you a U.k Certified Check / DRAFT for the payment,  I will like you to give me the Name that will be on the cheque also your Full Address that cheque will be send to and your Contact Number as soon as I get this I will forward it to my Client to send you the cheque,The cheqeu of {£6,500}will be send to you and you will deduct the selling price of the rims and send the rest balance to my shipping agent in london through western union money tranfer Which will be for the shipment ,so that my shipper can prepare the shipping arrangement and the paper work of the car.{£200}will be for western union charges and for your effort in sending the money to my shipping company in london.The name of my shipper company is oswaid agency company.I like to do business with a honest,loyal and trustfull person so that will can last for a long time and do business later in future.I will like to Know if these Arrangement is Okey With You .I will be looking forward to your mail.
meg ross
Example Five:

Hello Seller,
I am Mr Becker a car retailer i base in Scotland,i buy and sale used car and there is one of my customer that is interested in the (£2,000)Metrocab Series I you have for sale. I'd like you to quote your last price on it and you will be paid with a Bank Draft.

I will like to hear from you immediately so that i can contact my clients to make arrangement for your payment,and my shipping agent will handle the shipping of the Car to my customer in Spain.i will like to see the resent pics of the car via email so that i can send it to my customer to arrange for the payment as soon as possible.if there is any need you can get me on my mobile phone +447031847710,hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Paul Becker.
Example Six:

i saw your Fairway Auto Taxi advert on the web for sale and i am
interested in it.
i will like you to get back to me with the followings.
----the last asking price
----the lastest condition
----the area for the pick up immediately the payment is made
-----looking forward to hear from you asap
Example Seven:

Good Day,
My name is JAMES WORLAND.I am interested in buying the vehicle that you want to sell. It will be
appreciated if the price, pictures of the vehicle and its present condition can be given to me.Do not worry
about the shipment,my shippers will be taking care of the shipment. The payment will be make by certified
cheque that will be send by my business associate. Thanks,I am looking forward to your response.
My Best Regards,

Example Eight: 

Hello seller,
  I am interested in the Metrocab Series II you have for sale. I'd like you to quote your last price on it and you will be paid with a certified UK Bank cheque. I will like to hear from you immediately so that i can contact my clients to make arrangement for your payment, and my shipping agent will handle the shipping of the Car.
  i will like to know the recent state of the car.
I saw your advert on  this site i hope to hear
from you soon.
  get back to me as soon as possible.
  price  : £1,200  

regards jessica.

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