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Taxi Driver Accessories 

Three Items that All Taxi Drivers Should Have

Speak to any taxi driver and they will know the basic items that are needed to make life as a taxi driver easier and safer. Items ranging from money bags to coin dispensers are designed specifically for taxis. However, thanks in part to a growing number of online taxi driver shops, there are many more items that are on the market that are designed to help taxi drivers, but which are largely unknown to exist.

What are some of these items and why should taxi drivers invest in them? Are they really that important?

Heated Travel Mugs

Driving around London in the early hours during December can be extremely tiring and leave even the most perky taxi driver feeling a little bit miserable. If this is a familiar scenario, a taxi heated travel mug can make those cold winter mornings a lot easier. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter for a warm drink when needed most. Ideal for use during breakdowns or slow days.

Dual Function Tax Disk Holders

Obviously a tax disk is an essential piece of kit for any taxi, or indeed any domestic use car. However, with the large amount of outlay that taxi drivers are faced with in buying various pieces of equipment, when the opportunity to save money arises it should be taken. One way to do this is to buy a taxi dual function tax disk holder that not only holds a tax disk, but also has a no smoking sign on the inside.

Booster Cables

Breakdowns are an unfortunate part of life as a taxi driver, although regular servicing and maintenance can reduce the risk. However, sometimes these eventualities cannot be avoided. In these scenarios it is important that heavy duty booster cables for taxis are onboard to help get the taxi back up and running and into a nearby garage as soon as possible.

Whilst of course it is important that items such as taxi receipt pads, first aid kits and taxi office log sheets are in the hands of any taxi driver, there are many other items that are sold online that can really help a fledgling or experienced taxi driver. It is worth investigating these online taxi accessory shops to see what else is on offer and how they could help you save some serious money.

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