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The Most Important Items in a London Taxi Cab

Thanks to online taxi shops, the average taxi driver can now kit out his or her whole taxi with various items that are designed to make driving it as trouble free and rewarding as possible. However, the reality is that a taxi is still made up of two or three essential items that if missing would mean driving it for a living would not be possible. They are:

Taxi Roof Lights

The first thing a customer looks for on a taxi is the roof light as it is what separates a taxi from a normal car. They are also required by law, so getting an easy to read and easy to install roof light is essential. These should be fitted with lighting, roof magnets with rubber covers and power cables to ensure that they work to their optimum level and actually stay where they are meant to. Take a look online at the options available and only buy from a reliable taxi rooflight supplier.

Quality Steering Wheel

It goes without saying that without a steering wheel, driving a taxi would be impossible! Whilst you no doubt already have one, why not make sure it’s as luxurious and comfortable as possible? There is a range of options available, from half leather varieties to durable 4 spoke wooden steering wheels, meaning you can buy a steering wheel to match your personality and taxi.


Perhaps not the most glamorous item, taxi driver hubcaps are essential none the less. Gleaming hubcaps can make your taxi look very presentable and clean alongside a well kept car body. Hubcaps also perform practical purposes so it makes sense to invest in some quality caps from a reliable supplier. Be sure to get the right model for your taxi otherwise they will not fit as they should.

Although hardly exciting or riveting, these items are the base on which you need to build. After all, what’s the point of having a cup holder or coin dispenser if you don’t have roof lights that work?

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