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Advertising On Taxis

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Taxi advertising offers a cost effective, flexible outdoor advertising solution. Reaching a mass audience of millions on a daily basis, delivering your brand to the heart of the city centre.

Therefore as a taxi owner or driver if you shop around you should be able to find either a small company or a company specialising in placing advertising to buy the advertising space on your taxi or taxis.

Some companies also wish to place advertising inside the vehicle giving you another potential revenue stream.

However there are some downsides to having advertising on your cab. There are periods of downtime when the advertising is replaced or repaired and you might end up with garish coloured advertising on your cab for months at a time!!

Want to advertise in this section? No problem!

With over 35,000 visitors monthly, the Taxi-Mart website could be working for your business right now. Contact us here for more information on how this space could be working for you.

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